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Advanced Technology

The following subjects are available as text files, Microsoft Power Point (PPT) files, Microsoft Word (DOC) files, or as Adobe Acrobat PDF (portable document format) files as indicated. The PDF files require that you have the FREE Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to display or print them. If you do not have the Acrobat Reader, it is available for Windows, Macintosh, and Unix operating systems at Adobe's Web site. The Power Point files require you to have Microsoft's commercially available Power Point software. To read or download any of the files on this Web site, simply click on any link within parenthesis following a filename.
Date Description File(s)
2005 Invasion of the Green Machines. High gas prices have drivers chasing after hybrids. Is it a fad or a phenom? Richard J. Newman, U.S. News & World Report, L.P. PDF or DOC
February, 2005 Solar Mobility paper, presented at Environment 2005. Roland Reichel, Solar Mobility Federation (Germany). PDF
February, 2005 Solar Mobility presentation, presented at Environment 2005. Roland Reichel, Solar Mobility Federation (Germany). PDF
2004 How Hybrid Cars Work. Karim Nice, HowStuffWorks, Inc. PDF
December 26, 2004 'Magic' Fuel-Saving Buses Fall a Bit Short on Wonders. Matthew L. Wald, The New York Times. PDF
November 15, 2004 EPA Advanced Technologies, China. Charles L. Gray, Jr., Advanced Technology Division, Office of Transportation and Air Quality. PDF
March, 2004 Eletra Bus. Dr. Nigel Clark, Mr. Thomas Balon. West Virginia University. PDF
March 1, 2004 Environmentally Friendly Vehicles: Initiatives in the United States. MPW, Consultant. Tokyo, Japan. PDF
2003 American Chemical Society, Environ. Sci. Technol., Cohen. Draft. PDF1 and PDF2
November 21, 2003 NYCT Operating Experience with Hybrid Transit Buses. SAE Metro Section Meeting, College of Aeronautics. PDF
November 12-13, 2003 The Path to Near-Zero Vehicle Emissions: Applying California's Experience to China, presented by MPW and Dr. Alan C. Lloyd. Beijing, PRC. PDF
May, 2003 A Comparative Assessment of Vehicle Technologies and Fuels: Diesel, CNG or Hybrid - A presentation by MPW at Clean Air Initiative for Latin America. Lima, Peru. PDF
April 24-25, 2003 The Need For and Potential Benefits of Advanced Technology Vehicles in China, presented by MPW at Workshop On Advanced Technology Vehicles. Beijing, PRC. PDF
March 2-4, 2003 Comparison of Emissions from Diesel and CNG Buses with After-treatment, presented at the 4th World Truck Conference. California Environmental Protection Agency Air Resources Board. PDF
January, 2003 The Technology and Potential of Hybrid Vehicles. David Friedman, Union of Concerned Scientists. PDF
October 24, 2002
California Interim Certification Procedures for 2004 and Subsequent Model Hybrid-Electric Vehicles, in the Urban Bus and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Classes. PDF
2002 Hybrid Buses. BAE Systems. MPG video file
September, 2002 Surface Vehicle Recommended Practice: Recommended Practice for Measuring Fuel Economy and Emissions of Hybrid-Electric and Conventional Heavy-Duty Vehicles. SAE International, proposed draft. PDF
October 10, 2002 NYCT Operating Experience with Hybrid Transit Buses. APTA/EPRI/EVAA Electric Bus Workshop. PDF
2001 Evaluating Commercial and Prototype HEVs. Feng An, Anant Vyas, John Anderson, and Danilo Santini; Argonne National Laboratory. DOC
October, 2001 Bringing Fuel Cell Vehicles to Market: Scenarios and Challenges with Fuel Alternatives. Consultant Study Report, Prepared for California Fuel Cell Partnership by Bevilacqua Knight Inc. PDF
September, 2001 Diesel Hybrid Electric Buses. Advanced Technology Vehicles in Service. New York City Transit. PDF
May, 2001 Update on California's Motor Vehicle Programs. Regional Workshop on Reducing Vehicle Emissions: Fuel Quality and Alternative Fuels. Dean C. Simeroth, California Air Resources Board, California Environmental Protection Agency. PPT
April, 2001 Well-to-Wheel Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Advanced Fuel/Vehicle Systems - North American Analysis - Executive Summary Report. Volume 1, Draft Final. General Motors Corp., Argonne National Laboratory, DP Amoco, ExxonMobil, and Shell. PDF
January, 2001 Performance and Durability Evaluation of Continuously Regenerating Particulate Filters on Diesel Powered Urban Buses at NY City Transit. Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc. PDF
2000 Demonstration of a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell as an Auxiliary Power Source for Heavy Trucks. Brodrick et al. Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc. DOC
October, 2000 On the Road in 2020 - A life-cycle analysis of new automobile technologies. Weiss et al. Energy Laboratory Report, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts. PDF
May, 2000 Northeast Electric Bus Technology and Demonstration Report. Northeast Advanced Vehicle Consortium. PDF
April, 2000 The Government Role in Developing the Clean and Efficient Future Car. 2000 Future Car Congress. Charles L. Gray, Jr., U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. PPT
February 15, 2000 Hybrid-Electric Drive Heavy-Duty Vehicle Testing Project: Final Emissions Report. Northeast Advanced Vehicle Consortium. PDF
February, 2000 Hybrid-Electric Drive Heavy-Duty Vehicle Testing Project. Draft Final Emissions Report. Submitted to Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency by Northeast Advanced Vehicle Consortium. PDF
January, 2000 Moving Towards the (Sustainable) Vehicle of the Future. Transportation Research Board, 79th Annual Meeting. James McCargar, USEPA Office of Transportation and Air Quality. PPT
May, 1999 Paving the Way for EHVs. Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Here and Now. James A. McCargar, Senior Policy Advisor, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. PPT
July, 1998 Status and Prospects of Fuel Cells as Automobile Engines. Report of the ARB Fuel Cell Technical Advisory Panel. ARB Board Meeting, Sacramento. PPT
not specified HybriDrive™ Propulsion System for Transit Buses. BAE Systems. PDF
not specified Progress in Solar Cars. Prof. Ali Sayigh, U.K., and Prof. K. Sopian, Malaysia. PDF
not specified Potential Benefits of Utilizing Fuel Cell Auxiliary Power Units in Lieu of Heavy-Duty Truck Engine Idling. Broderik et al. DOC
not specified Evaluation of Fuel Cell Auxiliary Power Units for Heavy-Duty Diesel Trucks. Brodrick et al. DOC
not specified Designing the Clean and Fuel Efficient Engine for the Twenty-First Century. Charles L. Gray, Jr., Advanced Technology Support Division, USEPA Office of Air & Radiation, Office of Mobile Sources. PPT

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