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Diesel Vehicles

The following subjects are available as text files, Microsoft Power Point (PPT) files, or as Adobe Acrobat PDF (portable document format) files as indicated. The PDF files require that you have the FREE Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to display or print them. If you do not have the Acrobat Reader, it is available for Windows, Macintosh, and Unix operating systems at Adobe's Web site. The Power Point files require you to have Microsoft's commercially available Power Point software. To read or download any of the files on this Web site, simply click on any link within parenthesis following a filename.

Date Description File(s)
June 3, 2005 Memo: New York City Bus Fleet Upgrade Status, from Michael P. Walsh to Dongquan He. PDF
February, 2005 Emissions Control Options for In-Use Diesel Vehicles, presented by Michael P. Walsh; Shenzhen, China. PDF
February, 2005 Recent Developments in Diesel Engine Emission Control Technology. Manufacturers of Emissions Controls Association. PDF
January 19-22, 2005 Filtration of Diesel Soot Nanoparticles and Reliability in Swiss HDV Retrofitting, presented by A. Mayer, L. Matthews, J. Czerwinski, and T. Mosimann at SIAT 2005. Pune. PDF
January 19-22, 2005 Heavy Duty Diesel Engines Developed from Euro 3 to Euro 4, presented by Dr. Klaus P. Mayer, Rolf Dreisbach, and Peter Wuensche at SIAT 2005. PDF
January 19-22, 2005 Euro 4 and Beyond — Role of Diesel Fuel Injection Systems. Dr. Gerhard Ziegler; SIAT 2005. PDF
December, 2004 Retrofit Emission Control Technologies for Heavy Duty Diesel Engines — The State of The Art, presented by Sougato Chatterjee at BAQ 2004; Agra, India. PDF
December, 2004 Diesel Retrofit & Replacement Strategies, presented by Diane Bailey at the Roundtable on Low Sulfur and Alternative Fuels; Sao Paulo, Brazil. PDF
December, 2004 Overview of Diesel Emissions Control Retrofit Options. Tim Johnson. PDF
December 6-8, 2004 Diesel Vehicle Emission Control and Its Benefits in Hong Kong, presented by Ha Kong and Matthew Tsang at BAQ 2004; Agra, India. PDF
November, 2004 Cleaning Up Today's Dirty Diesels: Retrofitting and Replacing Heavy-Duty Vehicles in the Coming Decade. NRDC Issue Paper by Richard Kassel and Diane Bailey. PDF
September 28, 2004 Worldwide Evolution of Diesel Emissions Standards, presented by Michael P. Walsh at 3rd Aaqius & Aaqius Paris Forum; Paris, France. PDF
September 28, 2004 Advanced Diesel Oxidation Catalyst Technology for Passenger Cars, presented by Egbert S. J. Lox at Paris Mondial de l'Automobile; Paris, France. PDF
September 28, 2004 Review on SCR Catalysts, presented by Dr. - Ing. Bernd Amon at 3rd Aaqius & Aaqius Paris Forum; Paris, France. PDF
September 28, 2004 Challenges Facing the Introduction of Diesel Engines in Passenger Cars and Light Trucks in North America, presented by John W. Fairbanks at Paris Mondial de l'Automobile; Paris, France. PDF
June 14, 2004 Global Trends in Heavy Duty Diesel Emission Regulation: A 2004 Update. Michael P. Walsh; Windsor Workshop. PDF
January 27, 2004 Diesel — What The Future Holds: An International Perspective, presented by Michael P. Walsh to the California Air Pollution Control Officers Association. PDF
June 5, 2003 Worldwide Trends in Motor Vehicle Pollution Control, A presentation by MPW at the symposium "Considering the Automobile Society in the 21st Century." Environment Day. Tokyo. PDF
April 3-4, 2003 Heavy Duty Vehicle Emissions Control - What Drives The Regulators?, Presentation by MPW at the 2nd AVL International Commercial Powertrain Conference. Graz, Austria. PDF
March 20, 2003 Global Trends in Diesel Particulate Control: Current Trends and Remaining Challenges, Presented by MPW at the Symposium "Measurement and regulation trend of nano particles." Tokyo, Japan. PDF
March 4, 2003 Is the U.S. Making Diesels Hard To Start?, presented by Tom Cackette of the California Air Resources Board at the SAE World Congress. PDF
February, 2003 The Global Impacts of Heavy Duty Vehicle Emissions, Presentation by MPW at the conference "Clean Heavy Duty Vehicles: Setting the Direction for Advanced Technologies and Fuels" organized by CALSTART. Tempe, Arizona. PDF
October 15, 2002 Mobile Sources, Fuels and PM2.5 Emissions, The Scope and Nature of the Problem and Existing Programs to Reduce Emissions, A presentation by MPW to The State and Territorial Air Pollution Program Administrators and the Association of Local Air Pollution Control Officials. PDF
June, 2002 The Dangers of the Dirtiest Diesels: The Health and Welfare Impacts of Nonroad Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines and Fuels, The State and Territorial Air Pollution Program Administrators and the Association of Local Air Pollution Control Officials. PDF
November, 2000 Trends of Vehicles and Air Pollution; Understanding Urban Air Pollution and the Role of Diesel Exhaust (Delhi, India). PDF
November, 2000 Current and Future Technology for Controlling Diesel Exhaust; Understanding Urban Air Pollution and the Role of Diesel Exhaust (Delhi, India). PDF
September, 2000 Overview of Worldwide Regulation of Diesel Vehicle and Engine Emissions - Corning Clean Diesel Workshop (Germany). PDF
September, 2000 Global Trends in Diesel Emission Control; A 2000 Update - Reducing the Environmental Impact of Heavy Duty Vehicles. PDF
August, 2000 EPA Final Rule Regarding 2004 Requirements For Heavy Duty Vehicles and Engines. PDF
July 2000 U.S. EPA Draft Assessment of Diesel Particulate Toxicity:
  • Chapter 1 (PDF)
  • Chapter 2 (PDF)
  • Chapter 3 (PDF)
  • Chapter 4 (PDF)
  • Chapter 5 (PDF)
  • Chapter 6 (PDF)
  • Chapter 7 (PDF)
  • Chapter 8 (PDF)
  • Chapter 9 (PDF)
  • Appendix A (PDF)
  • Appendix B (PDF)
  • Appendix C (PDF)
  • Appendix D (PDF)
June 27, 2000 Testimony of Michael P. Walsh on Behalf of the American Lung Association - The subject was the U.S. EPA proposal concerning emissions from heavy duty vehicles and engines and low sulfur diesel fuel. PDF
not specified Health and Environmental Concerns Associated with Diesel Vehicle Emissions. PDF
not specified Specifications for Diesel Retrofit Devices for Over 4 Tonnes Vehicles. PDF
not specified In Use Diesel Vehicle Control Options. PDF
not specified Diesel Emission Control in the United States. Joseph McDonald, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. PDF
not specified DETR Summary Report, from Ricardo Study. PDF
not specified Control of Emissions from Nonroad Diesel Engines and Fuel - A summary of the EPA proposal by MPW. PDF


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