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Fuel Economy

The following subjects are available as text files, Microsoft Power Point (PPT) files, or as Adobe Acrobat PDF (portable document format) files as indicated. The PDF files require that you have the FREE Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to display or print them. If you do not have the Acrobat Reader, it is available for Windows, Macintosh, and Unix operating systems at Adobe's Web site. The Power Point files require you to have Microsoft's commercially available Power Point software. To read or download any of the files on this Web site, simply click on any link within parenthesis following a filename.

Date Description File(s)
December 2, 2004 The US Experience With Fuel Economy Standards, presented by Roland J. Hwang; Sao Paulo, Brazil. PDF
December 2, 2004 International Experience in Improving Fuel Efficiency and Reducing Greenhouse Gases, presented by Michael P. Walsh at the Workshop on Fuel Efficiency Opportunities in Sao Paulo. PDF
October 13, 2004 Comparison of Automobile Fuel Efficiency and GHG Emission Standards Around the World, presented by Feng An and Amanda Sauer at the IEA/UNEP Workshop on Automobile CO2 Reduction and Fuel Economy Improvement Policies; Shanghai, China. PDF
not specified Comparison of the Fuel Consumption Measured Over EU and US Legislated Cycles. Zissis Samaras and Savas Geivanidis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. PDF


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