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Global Developments

The following subjects are available as text files, Microsoft Power Point (PPT) files, or as Adobe Acrobat PDF (portable document format) files as indicated. The PDF files require that you have the FREE Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to display or print them. If you do not have the Acrobat Reader, it is available for Windows, Macintosh, and Unix operating systems at Adobe's Web site. The Power Point files require you to have Microsoft's commercially available Power Point software. To read or download any of the files on this Web site, simply click on any link within parenthesis following a filename.

Date Description File(s)
June, 2009 Moving Toward Clean Vehicles and Fuels: A Global Overview. Michael P. Walsh. This article appears in the June 2009 issue of EM Magazine, a publication of the Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA; To obtain copies and reprints, please contact A&WMA directly at 1-412-232-3444. PDF
2005 Worldwide Emissions Overview: Overview of International Goods Transport, presented by Michael P. Walsh at the Haagen Smit Symposium 2005. PDF
June 4, 2005 Emission Control of Vehicles: A Road Map For Viet Nam. Michael P. Walsh. PDF
May, 2005 Comments to the Health Effects Institute Special Committee on Emerging Technologies. Michael P. Walsh. PDF
May, 2005 Global Trends in Motor Vehicle Pollution Control, by Michael P. Walsh. PDF
March, 2005 Motor Vehicle Pollution Control History, Status, Challenges & Opportunities, by Michael P. Walsh PDF
January, 2005 Sustainable Transportation: The Lessons of The Past 50 Years. Michael P. Walsh. PDF
December 6-8, 2004 Experience of Air Pollution Control in Last Two Decade in India, presented by Dr. B. Sengupta at the International Conference on Better Air Quality, 2004; Agra. PDF
December 3, 2004 Benefits versus Costs: Low Sulfur Fuels & Tight Vehicle Standards in Brazil, presented by Gabriel Murgel Branco, Katherine Blumberg, and Michael P. Walsh; Sao Paulo, Brazil. PDF
October 7, 2004 Status of Worldwide Environmental Regulations, presented at the 20th Annual Mobile Sources Clean Air Conference. PDF
October 1, 2004 Mitigating The Environmental and Health Effects of Motor Vehicles and Fuels, presented by Michael P. Walsh; Moscow, Russia. PDF
September 28, 2004 Worldwide Evolution of Diesel Emissions Standards, presented by Michael P. Walsh at the 3rd Aaqius & Aaqius Paris Forum. PDF
September 21, 2004 Mitigating the Environmental and Health Effects of Motor Vehicles and Fuels in Russia and the CIS, paper by Michael P. Walsh. PDF
July 22, 2004 Status of Motor Vehicle Environmental Regulations in Asia. Michael P. Walsh; Jakarta, Indonesia. PDF
June 14, 2004 Global Trends in Heavy Duty Diesel Emission Regulation: A 2004 Update, presented by Michael P. Walsh at the Windsor Workshop. PDF
May 13-14, 2004 Cleaner Fuel and Vehicle Emissions Standards in Thailand, presented by Dr. Supat Wangwongwatana, Chairperson of CAI-Asia, at the National Workshop on Clean Fuels and Vehicles in Vietman; Hanoi, Vietman. PDF
May 12-14, 2004 Vehicle Emissions Standards A Key To Clean Air, presented by Michael P. Walsh at the National Workshop on Clean Fuels and Vehicles in Vietman; Hanoi, Vietman. PDF
April 26-29, 2004 Health Effects and Regulatory Developments Around the World. Asian Vehicle Emission Control Conference 2004; Beijing, China. PDF
March 30 -
April 1, 2004
Challenges To Fuel Quality and Technology Improvement in Asia Examples of Proactive Approaches, presented by Michael P. Walsh at 'The Leapfrog Factor: Towards Clean Air in Asian Cities'; New Dehli, India. PDF
2003 Motor Vehicle Pollution Control - A 2003 Update, A presentation prepared by MPW. PDF
June 5, 2003 Worldwide Trends in Motor Vehicle Pollution Control, A presentation by MPW at the symposium "Considering the Automobile Society in the 21st Century." Environment Day. Tokyo. PDF
May, 2003 Policy Fundamentals for Clean Air: The Lessons of the Past Fifty Years, A presentation by MPW at the 20th anniversary of the South Korean Clean Air Society. Seoul. PDF
April 3-4, 2003 Heavy Duty Vehicle Emissions Control - What Drives The Regulators?, Presentation by MPW at the 2nd AVL International Commercial Powertrain Conference. Graz, Austria. PDF
March 20, 2003 Global Trends in Diesel Particulate Control: Current Trends and Remaining Challenges, Presented by MPW at the Symposium "Measurement and regulation trend of nano particles." Tokyo, Japan. PDF
February, 2003 Global Trends in Motor Vehicle Pollution Control: Where We Are, Where We Are Going, Presentation by MPW to the Auckland Regional Council. PDF
January, 2003 Global Trends in Motor Vehicle Pollution Control: Future Challenges for Developing Countries, Presented by MPW at SIAT 2003, Pune, India. PDF
November, 2000 Motor Vehicle Pollution Control in the Asia Pacific Region (Washington, DC). PDF
September, 2000 The Challenges of Clean Air - Local, Regional, and Global; A Possible Solution - ISATA Congress (Dublin, Ireland). PDF
September, 2000 Motor Vehicle Standards and Regulations Around the World; Hong Kong Symposium on "Better Air Quality". PDF
May, 2000 Motor Vehicle Emissions and the Government Response - Meeting Mexico's Air Quality Challenges. PDF
June, 1999 Motor Vehicle Standards and Regulations Around the World. PDF
February, 1999 Motor Vehicle Pollution Control: Global Progress and Remaining Problems - Presented at the First International Conference on Health Effects of Vehicle Emissions (London). PDF
not specified The Road Map For Achieving Euro Standards in New Vehicles and Fuels To Improve Air Quality in Vietnam. PDF
not specified Problems Achieving Sustainable Urban Transport in Russia, presented by Dr. Vadim V. Donchenko, The State Scientific and Research Institute of Motor Transport at the Conference on Implementing Sustainable Urban Travel Policies in Russia and Other CIS Countries. PDF
not specified Overview of Clean Air Transport Issues in Latin America. Michael P. Walsh. PDF
not specified Major Challenges in Each Region for Reducing Environmental and Health Damage from Motor Vehicles. PDF
not specified Global Motor Vehicle Emissions Regulations. PDF
not specified Comparison of California LEV II and Tier 2 Vehicle Programs. PDF
not specified Clean Transportation -- Thailand and Other Asia. An Upgrade on Progress, Obstacles, Opportunities, and the Role for ICCT. Dr. Supat Wangwongwatana, Chairperson of CAI-Asia. PDF
not specified Partnership for Cleaner Fuels and Vehicles. Gianni Lopez, CONAMA Director; CONAMA-Chile. PDF
not specified Air Pollution from Motor Vehicles - Standards and Technologies for Controlling Emissions, prepared by Asif Faiz, Christopher S. Weaver and Michael P. Walsh, with contributions by Surhid P. Gautam Lit-Mian Chan, published by the World Bank. PDF
not specified Progress Toward Clean Cars, Trucks and Buses, A report commissioned by the Hewlett Foundation and the Energy Foundation, prepared by Michael P. Walsh and Charlotte Pera. PDF



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